COVID-19 Update 1

COVID-19 Update 2

Unfortunately, due to the complexities of the COVID-19 shutdown we are not reopening at this time.

Due to the lack of any available childcare / schooling, it is likely that we will not be reopening our retail office at any point in the near or distant future.

If you have a device that was in the process of being repaired, or was ready to be picked up, please click here and complete the form.

I appreciate everyone who has helped iCircle over the years, whether it was as a customer or as an associate. I can think of many people who have been advocates for iCircle, and consider many of you my close friend, which made this decision such a difficult one to make.

If you would like to be updated to any future plans for iCircle please click here, and include your email address and/or a phone number where you can receive text messages, and we will add you to the list to keep you updated of any new developments.

If you have any other general questions or would like to send us any words of encouragement click here or leave a comment below.

Thank you all for your support!

Be Well!



  1. Best of luck with what ever life brings to your next chapter.. Be well 💕

  2. You will be sadly missed you guys were the best of the best if there’s any thing I can do to help let me know maybe we can start a go fund me page I know you had a great customer base I’m sure tons of people would be willing to help let me know 🥺

    Hose Bellerose

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